Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First Lines: Sofia Gabel

Today's guest is a busy writer who explores all kinds of stories.

Sofia Gabel

17665307Sofia Gabel's novel Charity's Heart is set in 1888 London, and she's hard at work on its sequel. She writes across genres, so check out her list of published and upcoming works.

Sofia's favorite first lines comes from Nicholas Sparks's Message in a Bottle:
"A cold December wind was blowing and Theresa Osborne crossed her arms as she stared out over the water."

For Sofia, it's all about pacing:
This is the first line of Chapter One and, to me, sets the mood. There is a prologue, but this is where we get our real start to the story.

Keep up with Sofia and her newest releases:
Author webpage
Author blog

Interested in Charity's Heart?
Charity’s Heart, historical romantic suspense taking place in 1888 London, centers around Charity Llewellen, a strong-willed 19-year old who is excited to marry one day, but loses that excitement when her father arranges for her to wed the nasty and deceitful Mathias Baptiste. Charity runs away from home and has an instant dislike for a man she meets, Alexander Sutton. Although Sutton is handsome, his manners are lacking, extremely lacking. With her best friend, Charity plots to get out of her impending marriage, but then becomes tied up with a 20-year old murder, a secret burial and Jack-the-Ripper. She also falls for Alexander, although he keeps pushing her away, since he has a secret of his own. When Mathias becomes enraged with Charity, she soon finds herself alone and at his mercy, but Mathias is not the merciful kind. This is Book One and I’m currently working on the sequel.

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