Wednesday, May 1, 2013

3 months to go

It's hard to believe that in three months Red Moon will be released. I'm nearing that final stage of editing, when I've been away from the manuscript for long enough that I'm sure I'll look back over the changes and wonder how I missed those the first time through. I'm excited to see the story in black and white, but what I'm looking forward to most is seeing the cover art Escape Publishing is putting together for my novel.

I've always been a visual person. My DH was sweet enough to help me put up a bulletin board near my writing desk, which is currently covered with pictures of the Sinclair boys and Rhys Donovan from Muse of Fire. It's gotten some awkward looks before from visitors to our house (I mean, there is a huge board of rather swoon-worthy men just sitting there out in the open and DH and I don't act like it's a big deal), but when I type, I tend to let my eyes wander. If they wander to on-topic pictures, there's no harm done.

Pinterest has also become a new obsession/organization tool. Instead of collecting tangible clutter, I collect digital clutter. But it also serves as a place to go when I need inspiration.

That's why I can't wait to see Red Moon's cover. I've had those pictures in my head so clearly, and knowing that someone else is recreating those characters, the moments that make them tick, gives me shivers. It makes this entire journey real.

Not to mention, Escape creates the most fantastic covers! Browsing the art is well worth the time. I've included some of my favorites below (trust me, if there were space, I'd be including even more)...

See what I mean? 

I love all the covers that have come out for Escape books...there's always a little detail that makes the cover stand out, or the way the relationship between characters is shown, or the font that's used that hooks my attention.

So, in not too long, I'll be posting Red Moon's cover to this blog and doing a happy dance in my living room. Hopefully you'll be just as excited!

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