Sunday, December 27, 2015

From the ashes

It's been a hard past few months. Burnout on multiple fronts left me reeling and I'm only just starting to pull myself back together. Fortunately, the love and care of many incredible people has helped get me on my feet and put my head back where it needs to be ... my stories.

Yeah, if you thought I was going to say my other job, you'd be a smidge incorrect. But I'm finally accepting that it's okay to feel that way; it won't make me perform any worse to understand that I'm working toward a bigger goal.

Speaking of which ... [insert poor segue to shameless self-promo here]

First is coming out on January 15th!!! [unleash kazoo fanfare here]

This duology was a bit like Jekyll and Hyde. Dally and Cat's story came together easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy while Jake and Maya's ... did not.

Regardless, it's out in the world with ARC reviewers and I'm mostly thrilled that this strange little story is meeting with some kind comments and constructive criticism.

To celebrate my return to the land of the living writers, I've put together some of my favorite moments from the story into these little pics to share with all of you.

Thank you all for your support, even though I'm horrible at updating this blog, and know that I'm still getting those stories down.

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