Friday, June 7, 2013

And a partridge in a pear tree...

I got fantastic news tonight; Escape Publishing will be the home of Lace & Lead, the novella I recently wrote. I'm ecstatic for two reasons: I love Escape (they have been a dream to work with), and I love this story.

I've never really worked with novellas before, but for some reason, this story came together in 30,000 words in a far more organic way than I'm used to. I liked being able to keep its pacing up, loved my characters (Taggart, that cheeky devil, really stole my heart), and had fun creating the world the story is set in. Which is part of the problem now.

I've begun working on all of the paperwork that comes with an acceptance, including the cover brief and the book's blurb. And as I have to think of how to describe the world so it makes sense to someone who won't have time to read the book, I'm discovering how difficult that is.

I still stand by my earlier post that L&L is like Gears of War meets Victorian England, but I forgot to mention that it's also set in the Republic, in the city of Monterrey, and that the closest thing I can think of to it is a dystopian/steampunk/Western/sci-fi barrio, surrounded by monied estates in the outlying areas. How can I write a story and have it makes sense within the novel, and blubber my way around its description, which should be simpler? *sigh*

Speaking of Gears...

If you understand this, we should be friends.

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