Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Welcome Brandy L. Rivers!

I met Brandy L. Rivers through a mutual author friend, and have been fortunate enough to get to know her and her writing better over the past few weeks. Her first book in the paranormal romance Others of Edenton series is titled In Too Deep, and was released on April 16th of this year. I got to talk to Brandy about the book, and am working my way through a copy of it as we speak!

So nice to have you here, Brandy! I'm a total sucker for werewolves, and know that this book is chock full of them. What's your story about?
Fallon is a brilliant tattoo artist with inherent magic. Tired of men and their games, she climbs onto her Harley and leaves her old life behind.

Brody is a talented motorcycle mechanic and werewolf stuck in his painful past. It’s just another depressing night until he’s attacked by vampires. Thinking he killed them, he runs into the night and crashes into Fallon.

Unwilling to walk away from anyone in need, she heals Brody and then takes out the vampires who aren’t as dead as he thought. Her past collides with the present, and she finds herself stranded in Edenton, Washington where an old friend lives. With no ride and no real plan, she winds up staying in Brody’s empty apartment.

Feeling alive for the first time in years, Brody is determined to claim Fallon’s heart and keep her safe from the shadows in her past. However, she prides herself on her independence and would rather keep him safe, even from herself.

With the impending danger from the group of vampires and dark mages, they will have to work together. The closer they get, the harder it is for her to fight her attraction.

Be prepared for monsters, magic and lots of ink.

Tell me more about Brody. It sounds like he doesn't give up the fight very easily...
Brody: broken hearted werewolf and motorcycle mechanic. He’s the alpha’s second, has a heart of gold and is ridiculously hot. Didn’t choose to be a werewolf but has no regrets.

Fallon strikes me as an incredibly strong heroine. How would you describe her?
Fallon, tattoo artist and druid. She’s stubborn, independent and kicks some serious ass. She doesn’t take crap from anyone. Resourceful and extremely talented with magic.

No wonder Brody falls so hard for her! Even with his dedication, there's a lot that goes on in your book. What do you feel is the most unique aspect of it?
A large variety of Others make their home in Edenton. It’s one of the few places they live together without too much trouble. The heroine is definitely the most powerful one, but the hero never seems to mind in this case.

Speaking of, Brody is responsible for your favorite line from this book, correct? What does he say?
“Don’t, Fallon. Don’t tell me to let you go again.” He breathed into her ear. “I won’t. I’ll fight, I’ll play dirty, but you’re going to see that I want all of you, even the flaws.”

Hopefully she gives in, especially after an admission like that! Congrats on the release of this book, Brandy, and know that I'll be watching for its sequel eagerly!

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