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Guest Spotlight: Brandy L. River's In Too Deep

Some author friends and I began a book club so we could read each other's books and share what we found with our fans on Facebook. This quickly became an awesome way for me to discover some great new books. I've mentioned some of the authors here on my blog before, but now I get to share the culmination of our weekly focus posts...And first up is Brandy L. Rivers's paranormal romance In Too Deep.

My Review:

In Too Deep starts the Others of Edenton series off with a bang—literally—as bad-ass Druid Fallon runs into beta werewolf Brody with her motorcycle as he escapes from some nasty vamps. The world-building continues from there, with the addition of more pack members, some fae, and Druids with tortured pasts. What I found most interesting about this book was the fact that we weren’t dealing with an alpha male…instead, Fallon plays the part of alpha female, while Brody takes on a different role. It was refreshing to see how this romance evolved, especially since it can be difficult to strike a balance between a man’s sweet and gentle beta personality, and his ability to flip the switch to something stronger and more aggressive when needed. Also, for those of you who are like me and enjoy spicy reads, there’s plenty of heat between these pages. I’m looking forward to catching the future stories of characters who played a minor role in this book…especially Sheriff Hayden Hunter…are you listening, Ms. Rivers?

My Favorite Quote from the Book:

Dacia shrieked, “Why the hell do you keep pulling his pants down?”

Fallon shrugged. “This is where he wanted the tattoo, so this is where it’s going.” She finished the last little bit and swiped a damp towel over the pattern.

There was a sudden charge in the air and Fallon knew it was coming from Dacia. The energy had the same feel as a poorly trained witch who couldn’t control their magic, only there was an elemental feel to it…

Fallon stood up and glanced back at Dacia, but kept her gloves on to avoid having to shake her hand. Obviously, psycho chick wanted a fight, but Fallon didn’t want to play.

Character Spotlight:
"[Fallon] forced her eyes up over [Brody's] sculpted chest and muscular arms to his face. Wow, she thought, he was gorgeous everywhere. His smoky blue eyes were wide and glued to her, his brow wrinkled, and his full mouth was set in a frown."

Q & A with Brandy L. Rivers:
1. Did you know going into the story that Fallon was going to be an alpha woman? (from Scarlett Dawn)

Fallon was absolutely always an alpha-woman. Maybe I was rebelling against a lot of the women in books needing saving. Most of the women I write are strong in their own ways, and most of them don’t need saving. They just aren’t as badass as Fallon in most cases.

2. Which group in your series do you think has the most power, and why? (From M.A. Grant)

Holy crap, that’s a good question. I don’t think any one necessarily has more power. They all have their strengths.

Druids are fast, have magic, and can shift into anything but they aren’t super strong physically.

Werewolves have the pack behind them but they are fairly fast and super strong. They are certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Vampires are strong, but they have speed and depending on the type have some tricks up their sleeves.

There are too many different kind of fae and they all have their own gifts. Take Dacia and Hayden, they are vastly different. Dacia has speed, fazes out of this realm to follow, and has some pretty wicked tricks you haven’t seen yet. Hayden can manipulate the earth itself, summon boulders from dust, and cause earth quakes, but that’s not all he can do. Just wait, you’ll see a lot more as the series continues.

Werecats have similar strength to the wolves, they are usually crafty, patient and more graceful, but they don’t work well together.

And Mages, well they have a hole political system, if you will behind them. They can do some pretty insane things, but most are sort of limited by their training. In theory, they can do whatever they imagine, but they’re trained so strictly that most don’t think outside the box.

3. Lots of books have the “bad boy” with the tattoos and piercings, however in, In Too Deep, Fallon is more of a “bad girl” so where do stand on tattoos and piercing outside of the written word and in the real world? (From Magen McMinimy)

I love them, I have uh… 5 tattoos. I wanted to pierce my nipples but my husband freaked at the suggestion and he didn’t freak in a good way. I think he assumes I’d go to a male piercer, but that might be weird. I was ready to go to a female piercer. In fact, Amethyst is a piercer, lol, I probably gave you way more than you wanted.

4. There is some discussion of Isaac and Brody and the process of bonding/mating. The weretiger, as a cat, doesn’t need a two way connection while Brody does. So – my question is: are you a dog person? Was this a commentary of cats versus dogs? Why did you pick a tiger? (From Sarah Daltry)

That’s a good question, Sarah. I’m not sure I have a good answer, but I’ll try.

I like both dogs and cats pretty equally. With the exception of little snappy dogs.

I guess I was thinking that cat’s are more solitary, they don’t need as much attention. So it made sense that the way werecats bond works totally differently than werewolves.

As for a tiger, I don’t know why I made Isaac a tiger. I made him pretty hateable in my book. Is that a word? Anyway, I love tigers, but I love most big cats. It’s just the way I saw him when he shifted.

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