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Guest Spotlight: Scarlett Dawn's King Hall

As you know, some author friends and I worked together on a book group. One of the last book's we reviewed was Scarlett Dawn's King Hall, a paranormal new adult romance from Escape Publishing (yes, that's my home too!).

My Review:

It’s hard to write a review of this book without giving away spoilers, but I’m going to try my best...King Hall is the first in a coming series about the future leaders of four supernatural groups: vampires, shifters, elementals, and mages. I’ve heard people say that the concept of a “magical school” has been done before, but this book used that concept only to set the stage for the true story: the growing friendship (and possible love) between the future leaders. Dawn’s characters had genuine interactions with each other, as well as unique personalities that tweaked the existing and familiar fantasy/paranormal stereotypes. While this book ended on a cliffhanger, and it took a little bit for the action to truly reach a boiling point, it makes sense with the story and the series as a whole. This is one of those sneaky books that lulls you into a false sense of security before blindsiding you, and I believe readers will enjoy every minute of it.

My Favorite Quote from the Book:
Shifters are different than any of the other Mys groups in our forms of punishment since we’re animalistic in nature. I could have turned the charged around on her and sent her lying butt to prison, which would do me no good since I wanted her to tell the tale of how powerful I was, a little fear never hurting anyone. Or, I had the option to physically punish her, which relieved a bit of my tension. Only a bit.

The force of the blow busted her nose and her lying mouth. Decent trade, I thought.

Character Spotlight:
“You will apologize,” King Kincaid murmured quietly, but with steel in his tone. “Not only because she was someone he loved, but because you’ve just disrespected my Prodigy’s mother. I will not have you belittling her name in my house. By all accounts, she was a wonderful woman and mother.”- King Kincaid

Q & A with Scarlett Dawn:

1. If you could step into King Hall, which character would want to be and why? (from Magen McMinimy)

What character would I be? Hmm. I think I said this on a blog somewhere, and I’m still sticking with it (for now) even though it surprises even me.
He’s an Elder. A once King during the war. He’s seen so much and lived a life that…whoa…almost a spoiler there. *ahem* Let me try that again.
Cahal is a tough as shit character. That’s why I would like to be him. (Sorry, I know that’s elusive)
2. This may vary depending on the individuals, but at the time of King Hall, is there one group that is politically less stable than the others? (From M.A. Grant)
No. The four Mystical factions are run separately. Each King is his own man, taking care of his own people. They normally live separately around the world, at their “homebase”, and rule their worldwide people from there. They only come together for political functions/meetings, when there’s distress, and when it’s time to train their Prodigy’s to function together as a whole. Each group is separately stable while they do mingle as a Mystical community overall (survival).
3. If a mate dies, can the mys find a new mate, or it a one time thing? (From Brandy L Rivers)
No. There’s only one mate in a Mystical’s lifetime, no matter if they are a hybrid or not. Both powers of Lily’s, Vampire and Shifter, found their mate in Dominic. Dominic wears two different mate marks, one of a Vampire (a Vampire bite) and the other a Shifter (a Shifter bite).
4. This is a kind of random question, but King Hall makes me think of a sexy Harry Potter with the different groups. So, just for fun, if the worlds merged, where do you see your four main characters being sorted? Or are they all naughty Slytherin? (From Sarah Daltry)
Gawd…I’m at a disadvantage here because I (sorry Potter fans) haven’t read the Harry Potter series. But I have seen almost all the movies, so I’m going to take a stab at this question. 

Let’s see…
Yep. Every single Mys group would be Slytherin. Each one, while currently peaceful, has a dark side. A deep, dark side based purely on survival. In a sense, an evil part of them that only peaks when pushed…and it doesn’t even have to be a hard shove. A gentle pat could bring out their mischievous and power ego-stroking ways. They are “naughtiness” personified.

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