Friday, October 11, 2013

First Lines: J.M. Bray

Today's author is an Escape Artist who's going to be making a big splash with his November release!

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J.M. Bray

J.M. Bray's debut release Tearing the Shroud will be available with Escape Publishing on November 1st. It's high fantasy with a twist of romance, and some wicked twists that will keep you on your seat.

His favorite first line comes from William Goldman's classic The Princess Bride:
"This is my favorite book in all the world, though I have never read it."

The reason this is J.M.'s favorite line?
To me, this line is an implied promise. That can be a dangerous thing, and though it isn’t my favorite book of all time, it does deliver an unforgettable story. The sentence made me wonder why. What would make the story so special? As I read it, my mind’s voice extends the words ‘in all the world,’ admittedly it’s also in Peter Falk’s voice. Strange that they changed the line in the movie, isn’t it? In general, I prefer my romances on the sweet side and this feels like the opening of a fairytale, which again, the story delivered.

Keep track of J.M. Bray and his releases:
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Want to know more about his debut release?
Tearing the Shroud centers around Vincent, a third year college student in San Diego, CA in 1984. Like most young guys, he’s trying to step into adulthood and break away from his parents. He’s even falling in love for the first time…then he starts to have visions. They warn of a coming evil from an unseen Realm. He can try to stop it entering his world, but only by letting a warrior’s spirit from that Realm possess him.

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