Friday, October 4, 2013

First Lines: Magen McMinimy

I'm thrilled to have this author back to visit!

Magen McMinimy

Magen McMinimy is kept plenty busy with her two series: The Immortal Heart series (she's currently hard at work at Immortal Promise) and her North American Pack series. Her current release from the latter is Primal Calling and is coming out later this month!

Magen's favorite first line comes from Laura Wright's Eternal Captive: Mark of the Vampire #3.
"Her fangs had been inside him only once, and yet they had left an unseen mark on his skin, his blood, even his breath."

Her explanation is one all fangirls understand:
Well, it’s sexy. I love this series and I am obsessed with Lucian, this line is from his POV and again I say sexy. I could think of no better book to choose. I love Laura Wright and so far everything of hers that I’ve read I have fallen in love with. She writes amazing characters and I fall easily for them. Plus this blog is giving me the opportunity to share something from one of my favorite series and authors, so I’ve given you a little Lucian and let me assure you… you want more!

Be sure to keep up with Magen's releases and show her some love; she's incredible!
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