Thursday, October 10, 2013

First Lines: Stefanie London

Today's guest is a newly published author and another up-and-comer!

Stephanie London

Stefanie London's first published erotic short story will be coming out in an anthology from Cleis Press. She's also hard at work submitting fun, flirty, contemporary romances which you'll probably see on a shelf near you soon!

Her favorite first line is found in Janet Evanovich's One for the Money:
"There are some men who enter a woman's life and screw it up forever. Joseph Morelli did this to me - not forever, but periodically."

As a writer with great voice, it makes sense that that is what she looks for:
I think it really sets up the voice of the main character, Stephanie Plum, and it shows clearly that the relationship between Stephanie and Joseph is not a smooth one. 

Keep up with the whirlwind that is Stefanie's new career:
Author webpage

And here's the news about her newest project:
I’m working on a story about a headstrong ballerina and a commitment-phobic CEO who embark on a fake marriage. It’s a friends to lovers story with lots of spark and sizzle, these two can’t keep their hands off each other! This story is a follow on from my first manuscript, which was about a ballerina and a football player. If you can’t tell, I love writing about dancers. 

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