Thursday, October 3, 2013

First Lines: Juanita Kees

Today's lovely guest is visiting from Australia, and is one of my fellow Escape Artists.

Juanita Kees
Juanita Kees

Juanita Kees is currently working on Under Cover of Dark, which features characters from her popular Escape Publishing release Under the Hood. Her previously published release Fly Away Peta is still available from Eternal Press.

Juanita's favorite line comes from Loretta Hill's The Girl in Steel-Capped Boots.
We'd like you to go to the Pilbara.

Juanita's love of Australia is clear when she explains why this line is so important:
Immediately I know I’m going on adventure filled with glorious scenery, set against an Australian background. I can lose myself there and allow my senses to take control, become totally immersed in a story full of love for the land and the characters. I’m in for a treat to Aussie humour, rich characters and snappy dialogue.

Be sure to visit Juanita so you can keep up with her releases.
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Want to know more about Under Cover of Dark?
When Mark Johnson continues his investigation into the murder of Tiny Watts and the Under Cover of Dark involvement of the teenage gang, the Tag Raiders, with sleazy lawyer, Gino Bennetti (Under the Hood), the last thing he expects is to be interviewing Gino’s widow. And it seems she’s in a world of trouble.

With her husband’s blood on her hands, Lily Bennetti has her son to protect and secrets that run deeper than the scars she bears. Mark Johnson is the last person she wants uncovering those secrets. Especially the truth about her son Luke’s involvement in Tiny Watts’ murder.

As the investigation continues and Lily’s scars heal, she finds the gorgeous detective easy to trust and the friendship between them blossoms into more. But the secret Lily holds is placing them in very real danger. She stands to lose her son, the man she loves, her freedom and her life.

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