Saturday, October 12, 2013

First Lines: Kendall Talbot

We've got another Escape Artist joining us today!

Kendall Talbot
Kendall Talbot

Kendall Talbot's first release Lost in Kakadu was released with Escape Publishing earlier this year. She's a true adventurous spirit and it shows in her writing.

Kendall's favorite first line comes from Garvis Graves's book On The Island:
"I was thirty years old when the seaplane T.J. Cullahan and I were traveling on crash-landed in the Indian Ocean."

Why this line, you may ask?
I love survival stories and this sentence gets the story off to a cracking start.

Be sure to check in on Kendall to hear about her adventures and future stories:
Author webpage

If you don't know about Lost in Kakadu:
When a small plane crashes into an ancient Australian wilderness the survivors think they’re lucky to be alive…until rescuers never come. ‘Lost in Kakadu’ is an action adventure novel set in Kakadu National Park where two unlikely people prove just how attractive opposites can be. Fate brought them together, but they’ll need more than luck to escape Kakadu alive. Could the letters of a dead man hold the key to their survival?

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